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The Easter Egg Archive

Visual Thesaurus
a marvellously additive way of looking up alternative words!
How much is that worth today?
Comparing the purchasing power of money in the Great Britain from 1600 to any other year including the present.
Devices of Wonder
from the Getty Museum, "discover the surprising and seductive ancestors of modern cinema, cyborgs, computers and other optical devices..."
Free online typing lessons and test.
guimp: the world's smallest website
tiny versions of some classic computer games..
One Across
The site for crossword fanatics
"predicting the ultimate outcome of the internet and biotechnology revolutions" - the vision of the 21st century
Guiness World Records
marvel at the men and women who have scaled the giddy heights of human
everything you ever wanted to know about marbles.
"your point of reference to over a million different texts and thousands of links covering all aspects of the British political system." Well organised, comprehensive, and free.
a searchable database of arguments for and against a variety of controversial topics. Registration is free, and it is a useful starting point when researching for a debate, a presentation, or a classroom discussion.
dedicated to demystifying buzzwords. You can even sign up for a buzzword of the day...
Codes and Ciphers in the Second World War
the history, science and engineering of cryptanalysis
sets out to promote open government by making it more accountable. A major feature of the site will be 'People's Parliament', enabling citizens to vote on the same issues on which Parliament is voting..
The State of London
the website for the Mayor of London and the Greater London Authority
one of the most stimulating sites on the web, "an informal salon, a forum for eminent scientists, members of the digerati and science journalists from all over the world to wrangle, show off, provoke and explain themselves. A marvellous showcase for the internet, it comes very highly recommended." (Prospect, Aug/Sept 2000)
The Easter Egg Archive
amusing hidden tidbits, especially in computer programs
surreal interactive puzzles... don't be put off by the opening page, which has NOTHING to do with the rest of the site, as far as I can see!
Physics 2000
uses interactive applets to explain and demonstrate concepts - fascinating!
The Soda Constructor
construct your own 2-D models from masses and springs, then play around with the laws of physics... it's addictive!
MOWA: Museum of Web Art
dedicated to the art, technology and culture of the World Wide Web. See the best in animations, banner ads, etc
the millennium map: a project which is two thirds of the way through photo mapping the whole of the UK from 5,500 feet. They also have the sole rights to use the original doomsday book and they plan to co-ordinate the two. A trial site was launched on 2 February 2000: this is one to watch!
the official site for London, with lots of information about millennium events and attractions
The Millennium wheel. Includes a webcam which refreshes the image every 15 seconds and changes position every minute.
LEARNING TO DRIVE?? why not check out Learning to Drive or the British School of Motoring's site with driving test questions

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