Phrenicea QuikPoll! #24
In the "old days" auto commercials emphasized styling, economy, practicality and safety — usually with the car set against a scenic backdrop or while cruising along a highway.

"Fast" forward to today. Attributes of the car are touted while it's skidding in snow, pouring rain and even into a parking space (Audi) or accelerating full throttle through city streets, on mountainsides, inside car garages — or worse coursing through an office building among cubicles (BMW).

Does ZOOM-ZOOM = Boom? Or to be a bit more articulate, Do today's irresponsible car commercials inspire irresponsible driving behavior that can lead to tragic carnage?

— Yes, inspire!
— No, they don't!
Here are the final results:
Yes 61%
No 39%
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