RealityCheck! SM

The iconoclastic paleontologist Robert T. Bakker (Wyoming Dinosaur Int'l Society) offers a fitting example of how established dogma pompously spewed by the educated elite can be all wrong.

As he tells it, Bakker's life-long enthrallment with dinosaurs began after watching the original King Kong movie as a young boy — specifically the scene depicting a sprightly brontosaurus trotting briskly through the forest in pursuit of pesky humans.

Film animator Willis O'brien's surreal depiction of the speedy bronto was pooh-poohed by the paleo cognoscenti — when dino's were thought to be cold blooded, lethargic and literally stuck in the mud.

Turns out that with all the evidence gathered since then, as Bakker plainly states, "O'brien's cinematic bronto was right, and the Ph.D.'s at Ivy League institutions were wrong."