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State System of Higher Education Shared Administrative System
Progress Summary
Meeting Schedule on September 23 and 24
for Jamie Cavalier, Collegis
Information Technology Strategic Plan for SRU 
Instructional Technology Tactical Plan for SRU
Training Opportunities
Distance Education
Dates have been set for faculty training in September, October and November 
in Room 213 Bailey Library
For actual dates please see the Library calendar under "Collegis Graining 213" at!calendar=Bailey>L
The Collegis web editor training went well and potential problems have been identified and corrected.  Approximately twenty-three trained web editors will be given the opportunity to test the "enhanced web editor" on their department web pages.  Remaining participants of the web editor workshops will join in once the initial "bugs" have been worked out.  Additional training will be available for other interested faculty and staff on campus, in an ongoing training process.

Links to the old web server will be maintained for an extended period.  This allows for the migration of pages to the new web server.
Slippery Rock University 
Listed as 147 in Yahoo's Hot 200 Wired Colleges in US.  
Tied with Auburn University. 
Provides support to SRU technology 
Check it Out: 
Scope of Work  
Susan Farrandiz
The first web-based masters thesis submitted by a student in the State System.  Our own Susan Ferrandiz, from Bailey Library shows what can be done in electronic publishing. She completed her work on December 2001, through the Department of History. Dr. John Nichols was her advisor.
Check it out:
Avoid Virus "Panic Attack"
We are all concerned about getting a computer virus. For your campus computer, know that most virus are screened out by our campus network. If you log onto the network, your anti-virus software is updated. There is not much likelihood you will get a virus on campus if you follow commonsense. You have a greater likelihood of getting false messages warning you about a virus. 
Check it out: 
Two excellent sites for
determining myths from realty:  or, even better,  
Bookmark these for
easy access.
As we work to develop our vision and strategic plan for how we will use technology in the future, you might find Phrenicea to be an interesting fictionalized account of what might occur within the 21st century. 
Labs to be Updated Fall 2002
English Writing Lab, 303 Spotts
Communication Lab, 221 ECB
Computer Science Advanced Micro-Computer Lab, 104 Maltby
GIS Lab, 100 Spotts
Computer Labs, 103 and 120 ECB

Instructional Technology Updates

Tim Kirk, Director of Instructional Technology
The university is delighted to welcome Dr. William Timothy Kirk (Tim) as our instructional technology specialist and consultant on IT from Collegis Client Services.  If you want to stop by or drop a note of welcome, Tim can be reached at:  
William Timothy Kirk (Tim)
228 Bailey Library
(724) 738-4856  

Tactical Planning Team Members
Instructional Team

Informational Technology Updates

Feedback from Planning Sessions
Technology that Will Change SRU the Most in 10 Years
Resource Materials
Resource Materials
Strategic Planning Team Members
Informational Team
Technology Vision and Guiding Principles
Network Highlights  
SRU has recently completed a total overhaul of the computer network.  
Here are some interesting statistics about our new system:
The network project is complete except for a minor software update to the firewalls  
83 wiring closets in 53 buildings  
10,653 Category 6 connections for data and voice  
64,235 feet of fiber optic cable  
1.6 million feet of Category 6 copper cable  
Residence halls wired for laptops in all lounge areas and every room has individualized data jacks (2 data jacks for doubles and 3 data jacks for triple rooms).  
Information Technology Resources

IT General Resources:
IT Help Desk:

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