"I think my greatest pleasure is the things I do with my own hands."
Sir Martin J. Evans, 2007 Nobel laureate in physiology
Back Ironically, the most prestigious jobs in the mid-21st century are "hands-on" — requiring physical strength, manual dexterity and coordination. These skills, called "blue-collar" way back in the 20th century, are extremely hard to find in a virtual world maintained by Phrenicea.

Shown here is Jayum, whose métier is free-lance plumber, currently working in China. He travels the world, albeit with all the speed of a 19th-century tradesman, maintaining and replacing the mid-21st-century's waterworks infrastructure. His is one of the highest paid of any "post-postmodern" profession.

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Two Cents

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The corporate ladder has already taken the form of a horizontal plank.
Fortune October 17, 1994

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