"We must look forward to the future as that is where most of us will spend the rest of our lives."
Charles F. Kettering
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Pronounced fren-EEE-shuh, it is a vision of our future — a 21st-century prophecy predicting the ultimate outcome of the Internet and biotechnology revolutions. This site is intended to present the Phrenicea® vision of the future as well as provide a focal point for a lively exchange of ideas...

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Take it from me, extinction is forever!

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Click to read more! You're looking at the first — AND LAST — computer. When the limitations of man-made memory and circuits were eventually reached, scientists then turned to Nature...

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Click to read more! A chromosomal blueprint
that evolved to create a primitive footprint, then a capable handprint and finally dexterous fingerprints — hopefully will not end up out-of-print...

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Which image best denotes instinctive behavior:

The photo of the child riding a bicycle or the illustration of migrating birds?

Click your selection...

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This page is intentionally blank.

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Click to read more! The testing and implementation of Phrenicea was anything but smooth...

Click to read more! Imagine having a baby without enduring the discomfort or experiencing the joy of pregnancy. Men and women individually may "initiate" a "g-twin" — or clone — a term that becomes pejorative once the possible became commonplace...

Click to read more! No news is good news...

Click to read more! Ironically, the most prestigious jobs in the mid-21st century are "hands-on" — requiring physical strength, manual dexterity and coordination. These skills, called "blue-collar" way back in the 20th century, are extremely hard to find in a virtual world maintained by Phrenicea...

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Click to read more! Remember these?
If you do you're showing your age! Vinyl 45-rpm records, played on a stylus-based "record player," were cool in their day. The same fate awaited a plethora of gadgets that were also one-time symbols of sophistication...

Click to read more! Don't touch me, I'm sterile!

Click to read more! Gone Fishin' or Fishin' Gone?

Click to read more! Solar electric trains became the premier form of transportation, with tracks laid upon what were highways for automobiles. All petroleum-powered cars were banned worldwide in 2040 to help halt global warming. This was a redundant edict however...

Click to read more! Oh my _ _ _!
Just as the force of gravity — by the accumulation of molecular mass — is manifested but by itself cannot be seen, heard, touched or even clearly explained; an unexpected event happened with Phrenicea, once there was a "critical mass" of human brains assembled into the first "braincomb" chamber...

Click to read more! World Wide Web? Internet?

What's that?!!!

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Click to read more! Imagine being able to recall every moment in your life — down to a particular second! All of your life's experiences, from the most mundane to the most extraordinary...

Click to read more! The tradition of marriage will no longer exist and be part of worldwide culture. Most relationships are facilitated by Phrenicea, which provides the mental link between partners...

Click to read more! There's a sucker born every minute...

Click to read more! Face-to-face interaction is unnecessary with Phrenicea. This is welcomed at first due to the difficulty getting around, since planes and automobiles are banned in 2040.
Engaging Phrenicea becomes addicting since it's effortless. Meetings and conversations can be accomplished simply by thinking of the person or persons...

Click to read more! Large mega-farms become extinct by 2040. It is not economic factors but massive global warming and the lack of transportation that causes their demise. Traditional food is replaced with one product — Polynutriment, a custard-like glop made artificially...

Click to read more! Do you have a question or comment about the Phrenicea vision or the future in general? You're never too young (or old!) to ponder the future! We would be happy to hear from you. Your comments, ideas, etc. are encouraged. Send us your email today!

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is nothing if not confident. It's all a bit
of a stretch, but it's all mostly in fun, as well."

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"Phrenicea is a unique approach
to prophesy, the site is something
to see..."

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Phrenicea: Cool Site of the Day; Oct 20, 2008!

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Phrenicea: Cool Site of the Day; Mar 12, 2002!

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Dulwich College

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Wake Forest University

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"As we work to develop our vision
and strategic plan for how we will use
technology in the future..."

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Click to read more! Chiropractic as alternative medicine?
No way!!! By the time Phrenicea becomes integrated into our lives, chiropractic is not only considered primary care, it's just about the only physical care that's required...

Click to read more! All live pets were banned in 2030 to help alleviate the environmental impact of biological waste and the consumption of precious natural resources. Artificial pets or "matties" (derived from "automaton") — the most popular being dogs, cats, and birds — are equivalent to the real thing...

Click to read more! Community =
"Two all-beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese...

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Pick Me!!
Pick Me!!!

Click to read more! Acquiring knowledge is hard work.

Imagine never having to memorize or study anything ever again...

Click to read more! Hitchcock's The Birds was more than a scary movie, it was prescient.

We knew that Hitchcock was a cinematic genius. But a futurist?

Click to read more! There isn't any money with Phrenicea. Financial transactions are accomplished via the engagement of Phrenicea, and are recorded forever on a man-made 24th-chromosome pair...

Click to read more! What is the future of language?

Will there be only one global language?

Click to read more! There's no crime with Phrenicea. Artificial genes collectively called "brainerama" manipulate gene expression and produce hormonal parameters and biological switches — in simplistic terms — that could be set or reset by Phrenicea to control or monitor an individual's behavior and actions "officially" defined as antisocial, deleterious, criminal, etc...

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They're living at home — concentrated into cubicles without openings...

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Click to read more! Shhhhhhh........
Yes, it appears she's sleeping soundly — and she is. But at the same time she's also pursuing her fifth Ph.D. at "Somnam U"!...

Click to read more! With Phrenicea, basic skills for human interaction suffer and are manifested with self-conscious and shy behavior. Face-to-face human discourse taken for granted for centuries became a planned and conscious effort...

Click to read more! Democrat or Republican ?

Click to read more! Looks good?
Forget it! By midcentury industrial farming of beef, poultry, and pork has been banned due to the massive polluting effects of fecal waste, and exorbitant transportation costs limit interstate and international shipping of whatever is produced on a small scale...

Click to read more! Because mid-21st-century world population exceeded projections and reached 11 billion, there is a worldwide, government-sponsored, life-long monetary incentive for not having children at all. Phrenicea keeps count of every individual's offspring to enforce a semelparous policy...

Click to read more! The goal of Phrenicea's founders was to create a striking identity...

Click to read more! Classical music of the future?
Don't laugh! Twentieth-century rock'n'roll supplants traditional classical music as the genre to be revered. The artists elevated to genius status include Paul McCartney, John Lennon, Jimmy Hendrix...

Questions and Answers Questions & Answers...

Click to read more! Space exploration? Naaah!
When social phobia and tedious travel renders visiting even an adjacent town a major effort, the last thing anyone has on their mind is trekking around in outer space. Mid-21st-century scientists — finally facing reality — gave up on the notion of space travel and even contacting extraterrestrial life...

Click to read more! Since every individual's goings about and thought processes are tracked and permanently stored within the Phrenicea braincomb, there is in effect no privacy. However, this incredibly was embraced by midcentury since privacy was all but lost anyway...

Click to read more! Interfacing with Phrenicea is commonly referred to as "engaging Phrenicea." It is a mental hook-up initiated by mere thought. A person is identified immediately by Phrenicea, not with quaint Id's or passwords, but with the individual's own DNA, or genome...

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No more! There will not be a need for text-based communication. Keyboards are extinct! Phrenicea provides the ability to communicate by mere thought...

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Note that in the future, our world with Phrenicea will provide a word's meaning and usage instantly as if part of the brain's long-term memory! But until that time comes...

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