"Neuroscience shows that the 'soul' is the activity of the brain."
Steven Pinker, Harvard University
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Just as the force of gravity — by the accumulation of molecular mass — is manifested but by itself cannot be seen, heard, touched or even clearly explained; an unexpected event happened with Phrenicea, once there was a "critical mass" of human brains assembled into the the first "braincomb" chamber.

Phrenicea's scientists were at a loss to explain the phenomenon. It became apparent — when the first honeycomb-like structure was
Could man have stumbled upon the apotheosis of humankind?
filled with functioning human brains — that Phrenicea began to exhibit a benevolent, ethereal, spiritually divine presence; godlike, nurturing — felt by all upon engaging with Phrenicea.

Could man, by assembling brain-by-brain the greatest machine of intelligence ever, have stumbled upon some kind of manifestation of Rupert Sheldrake's theory of "morphic resonance" — which states that mental activity extends beyond our brain? Or even more incredible the apotheosis of humankind, a veritable numen or some kind of deity?

Check out On-Target for a possible real-world corroboration of this seemingly preposterous phenomenon.

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