"I'm optimistically pessimistic about the future — and vice versa."
Unknown wiseacre
For those who feel the Phrenicea vision of the future is a bit pessimistic, we will present here the first of perhaps a few predictions that are actually more depressing.

See if you agree!

"By the middle of the century, the vast majority of people will remain employed until death."

That cheery prediction comes from Trend Letter, a publication whose mission is to "report on the forces transforming the economy, business, technology, society, and the world."

The prediction is based on [what else?] a trend observed today — that data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reveals that the number of people remaining in the workforce past the age of 65 is steadily climbing. The publication states that the trend is due to a combination of longevity, desire [oh yea?], and financial necessity [that's more like it].

Finally the Trend Letter concludes, "Retirement is outdated." [Sorry.]

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