"Certainly if you had all the world's information directly attached to your brain..., you'd be better off."
Sergey Brin, cofounder of Google
Back Interfacing with Phrenicea is commonly referred to as "engaging Phrenicea." It is a mental hook-up initiated by mere thought. A person is identified immediately by Phrenicea, not with quaint Id's or passwords, but with the individual's own DNA, or genome (particularly their "snips"RealityCheck!   or SNPs, alleles or alternate versions of genes, and a subset of epigenetic marks), distilled into a compact mathematical representation. It did not take long before it was all the "rage to engage."
The popular business lingo at the turn of the century, "thinking outside the box," was prescient beyond anyone's wildest dreams!

Phrenicea becomes the central source of knowledge for the human race, accessible not via computer or other device, but by mere thought that is indistinguishable from what was before simply "thinking." The popular business management lingo at the turn of the century, "thinking outside the box," was prescient beyond anyone’s wildest dreams!

Accessing information on Phrenicea is like accessing learned information stored within the brain. The speed of data transfer from Phrenicea is perceived as instantaneous, so that information just acquired from Phrenicea is indistinguishable from previously learned information. Consequently, there isn't a need to "learn" facts. They can be called and recalled at will.

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