"The future of our species is very much in our own hands."
William Kimbel, Institute of Human Origins
Take it from me, extinction is forever!
A major concern in the third decade of the twenty-first century — analogous to today's preoccupation with personal and homeland security — was the very real potential for imminent human extinction, brought upon ourselves by ubiquitous biotechnology running amok.

Dinosaurs, one of the most successful species on earth in terms of longevity, were too dumb to be stupid enough to challenge Nature and mess up her fragile equilibrium. There is still debate as to the cause of their demise, but the scientific consensus is that it was not of their own doing.

Dinosaurs were too dumb to be stupid enough to challenge nature.

Today, we humans are arrogant enough to foolishly believe that evolution occurred just to create us, the so-called ultimate organism on earth. We tend to feel omnipotent and immune from the deleterious consequences of our actions affecting each other, our local environment and our world. Unfortunately, this view is all in our heads.

As the 21st century progressed however, it was finally realized that we
It was never imagined that 20th-century bumper stickers would warn of 21st-century human extinction.
created conditions threatening not only various populations and locales, but also our survival as a species globally. And as is typical, it was addressed so late in the game that it had to become a worldwide preoccupation in an attempt at self-correction.

The most hysterical literally donned on their backs and chests newly-collectible, made-in-the-20th-century bumper stickers emblazoned with the mantra "Extinction is Forever!"

It was never imagined at the time of their manufacture that the stickers would some day warn of human extinction, rather than for some helpless creature that we felt sorry for.

Take it from the 99 percent of the species that ever existed on earth that are already gone: extinction is forever!

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