"Meeting face to face is very, very important."
The Dalai Lama, 2004
Back Face-to-face interaction is unnecessary with Phrenicea. This is welcomed at first due to the difficulty getting around, since planes and automobiles are banned in 2040.
Phrenicea functions as a time manager for everyone on the planet!

Engaging Phrenicea becomes addicting since it's effortless. Meetings and conversations can be accomplished simply by thinking of the person or persons to be part of the interaction.

Phrenicea convokes the coterie using DNA-based access methods. The targeted participants are in turn engaged by Phrenicea to learn of the time and agenda. Phrenicea functions as a time manager for every individual on the planet. There's no more missed meetings, or excuses!

Although meeting face-to-face is indeed not necessary in the Age of Phrenicea, physically meeting ITF (In the Flesh) — when it occurs — is reserved for VERY important events, when figuratively "pressing the flesh" (a quaint 20th century term) would have a distinct advantage.

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Face-to-Face Illustration
Annu Sharma Winner!
by Phrenicea Art Contest winner
Annu Sharma

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