"Food is very friendly. Just looking at a potato, I like to pat it."
Julia Child
Back Large mega-farms become extinct by 2040. It is not economic factors but massive global warming and the lack of transportation that causes their demise. Traditional food is replaced with one product — Polynutriment, a custard-like glop made artificially.

Polynutriment is consumed during most mealtimes, is inexpensive and is manufactured and distributed by Phrenicea. Its formula is tailored to each individual's unique dietary needs. The major ingredients are garnered from far down a shrinking food chain — derived from a virtually unlimited supply of insects,RealityCheck! plankton and krill!

Science finally gained an intrinsic knowledge of what is required by the human body for optimum health, beyond what was attained through empirical studies. By deciphering all of the human biological
Polynutriment's ingredients are derived from an unlimited supply of insects, plankton and krill!
chemical processes it became possible to tailor a single product to fuel them — Polynutriment.

Combined with a person's DNA-based brainerama enhancements, Polynutriment eliminates the need for boring exercise in an attempt to maintain peak physical health.RealityCheck!   The only caveat is that for most people it can only be consumed while engaged with Phrenicea. Without the simulated perception of a delicious food, the custard would almost induce one to vomit. Thank goodness Julia Child was born well before Phrenicea's time!

A big plus is that turn-of-the-century problems associated with diet such as coronary heart attacks, arteriosclerosis and obesity are eliminated — and without the need for exercise!

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