Back Since every individual's goings about and thought processes are tracked and permanently stored within the Phrenicea braincomb, there is in effect no privacy. However, this incredibly was embraced by midcentury since privacy was all but lost anyway. The perceived advantage was that personal data was at least in the possession of Phrenicea, a trusted entity.

The nascent privacy issues that first surfaced in the late 1990s turned out not to be hysterical ranting. It was not online commerce, as initially predicted, that caused the most damage however.

It was the tracking of "on-the-road" commerce and the willingness to post personal data on the web (personal, e-commerce and community websites, online resumes, etc.) and the quick adoption of real-time access to information like stock quotes, weather, financial status and other personal alerts while on the road.

The so-called "road warriors" supplied all the information required to compile comprehensive dossiers containing privacy-busting data.

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