"Space is not 'Star Trek.'"
Dr. Derek I. Lowenstein, NASA scientist
Back Space exploration? Naaah!
When social phobia and tedious travel renders visiting even an adjacent town a major effort, the last thing anyone has on their mind is trekking around in outer space. Mid-21st-century scientists — finally facing reality — gave up on the notion of space travel and even contacting extraterrestrial life.

A consensus evolved, irrespective of the cost, that nothing would be gained from an earthbound search for extraterrestrial intelligence (SETI) program or manned or unmanned space travel — and that finding any other life forms within practical distances was remote indeed.RealityCheck!

By the time a signal transmitted from Earth reached a civilization that by chance might be able to interpret our message — potentially tens or hundreds of light-years away — centuries or millennia would have passed. Similarly, a response back from them would require again just as much time. The whole notion became moot when interest, drive and desire to travel or explore the unexplored waned, with such easy access to all the world's accumulated knowledge via Phrenicea.

Man's adventurous spirit was lost to the contentment of Phrenicea and a sedentary existence within one's very small cubicle-like domain.

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