"The Internet is fast becomming a 'cesspool' — a festering sea of bad information."
— Paraphrase by Google CEO Eric Schmidt
Back World Wide Web? Internet?

What's that?!!!

The current trend toward distributed computing and information dispersion, la the Internet, will do an incredible about-face, where all information and access to it will be centralized and controlled by a single entity — none other than Phrenicea!


By the second decade of the 21st century, the Internet-supported distributed network reached its peak. The resulting hodgepodge was fraught with data redundancy, invalidity, ownership disputes, hardware and software hijacking, cyber-crime, and morally offensive garbage.

Helen, Sweetheart of The Internet
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The time was ripe for change, and Phrenicea was able to reign in the mess. The data revolution which began in the 1990s came full circle — back to a controlled, centralized view of data.

This time however, Phrenicea becomes on a global scale the only source for information.

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