"The pattern of human population growth in the 20th century was more bacterial than primate."
Edward O. Wilson, Harvard University
Back Because mid-21st-century world populationRealityCheck!   exceeded projections and reached 11 billion*, there is a worldwide, government-sponsored, life-long monetary incentive for not having children at all. Phrenicea keeps count of every individual's offspring to enforce a semelparous policy, thereby preventing "initiation" or fertilization after one child by way of brainerama parameters controlling the reproductive functions. This is reversible however, should a child not live to reach maturity.

The latest statistics indicate "g-twinning" is winning" over copulation, which is not surprising. The reasons for the popularity of human cloning are significant (listed in decreasing importance):

  • most relationships are long-distance, facilitated by Phrenicea, minimizing male/female physical contact and the opportunity for traditional copulation;
  • pregnancy and childbirth are "outsourced" to in vitro birthing labs, eliminating the need for a woman's physical body altogether;
  • "parenthood" is more a status than a responsibility. The physical "burden" of caring for a g-twin is placed upon remote 24/7 rearing centers. Contact is via Phrenicea engagement as soon as the infant is capable. First physical contact could be years after birth;
  • each g-twin is owned as property by its initiator. Ownership of one's progeny avoids litigation upon divorce or dissolution of a relationship, the incidence of which has unfortunately reached 100%;
  • "child-bearing" years can be pushed well beyond biological limitations.

*Caused by the unexpected increase in the average human life-span RealityCheck!   by 24 years — primarily through significant reduction in death rates from both cancer and heart disease; and therapeutic cloning of replacement organs.

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