"Sleep is the chief nourisher in life's feast."
Shakespeare's Macbeth
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Yes, it appears she's sleeping soundly — and she is. But at the same time she's also pursuing her fifth Ph.D. at "Somnam U"!

"Somnam U" * is actually the humorous or colloquial term for the Sleep and Study program that is possible by engaging with Phrenicea while asleep.

Although all of the human race's accumulated factual information is instantly available to anyone by engaging Phrenicea, it is quickly realized that data-on-demand by itself is not enough.

Real living became too much of a chore.

True knowledge — often interpreted as "wisdom," is obtained from utilizing information and applying it towards some end or purpose. This implies an active lifestyle, but due to Phrenicea's infiltration into society, "real living" is becoming too much of a chore. It's analogous to the "couch potato" phenomenon in the 20th century: "Why be physically active if you don't have to?"

To compensate for a mentally unchallenging lifestyle and the concomitant lack of life experience, Phrenicea's Sleep and Study helps to reinforce
Data-on-demand by itself is not enough.
whatever is accessed during a day's almost constant engagement with Phrenicea, while weaving in the sleeper's mind a web of data interrelationships from all of the various disciplines.

* "Somnam U" was chartered by Phrenicea after sleep scientists were able to utilize and control REM sleep to act as a substitute for external stimulation. This knowledge was garnered by rigorously studying precocial animals' pre-birth sleep patterns and their subsequent ability to exhibit mature (instinctive) behavior immediately upon birth.

Sleep with the FutureSM

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