Here's a compendium of critical nuggets we've received and unearthed over the past several years...

Sure, Phrenicea was a Cool Site back in 2002, but the world has changed enough to warrant another look at this great site.
- Mike Corso, Publisher of Cool Site of the Day

Phrenicea is Family-friendly, Fast to Load, Safe for all Web Browsers, with Valued Content for their targeted audience. The World Wide Web would become an empty place to visit without Original, Creative Websites.

There are many sites out there that try to look into the future. Most are dreary and somewhat predictable. Here's one that is somewhat different, has great depth and something for everyone.
- The Digital Darkroom

Though the Phrenicea site presents the 'future' in a rather amusing manner, it does provide plenty of fodder to mull about. The "Phrenicea Vision" is very thought provoking, sure to stimulate your thoughts to think about the future which is not very far away!

The site is very impressive and gets one's head out of the sand. The world is bigger than I thought. Or is it smaller?
- Dave

An enjoyable and humorous future site. Phrenicea is poised to take over the world. "Imagine being able to direct birds, rats or insects to attack designated targets."
- michaelmike

I like [the name Phrenicea] because of the way it is pronounced, the unusualness of it, and the cutting edge sound of it.

Now that's a [chiropractic] vision of the future I can live with!
- Terry A. Rondberg, DC

The whole site is really interesting and I definitely suggest you download the short story that started it all.
- Jenny from

The Two-Cents Blog is timely and timeless at the same time!
- Ben

Phrenicea is like a good book. But instead of turning pages, you click on the cool image links.
- Claude

This website will give you TONS of information to think about!
- Psychomike from

[Phrenicea is] a life made simpler by complicated things. Polynutriment anyone?
- New Zealand NetGuide

i think your website is amazing and very beleivable! i am exited and thankfull that i was born in this young generation so that i can be a part of this astounding revolution i was always a very imaginative and deep thinker, before i read this website i had a simmilar idea that man and computer will merge, but now i feel like i know it's gonna happen since ive read this, it seems that you accurately predict exactly what its gonna be like right down to a tee!!!! truly the most amazing stuff ive ever read, im gonna have my buddy's drove CRAZY talking about this for the next week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
- kenny

Wild? Far out? Ridiculous? Maybe, but stimulating reading.
- Davidís Links

I think the Phrenicea website is a hoot!
- James

I like the way you create a conservative layout but present some real heavy and awe-inspiring content. It works and makes you think.
- Rich

Phrenicea is intended to break us out of our stultifying notions. What is this kind of thing called? Strategic Futurism? We need more of it. It is optimism made "real" via creativity.
- Brett

This is one creative/scary/fascinating extrapolation of society into the mid-future!
- Charles

Phrenicea is incredible food for thought, fun reading and thought provoking. A true gem.
- Genetic Engineering News

Phrenicea puts the Jetsons into orbit.

"Curl up" with Phrenicea!
This site is analogous to a very good book. You have to "curl up" with it and really take your time. Your effort is paid back bountifully with thought provoking predictions that I find myself thinking about days later.
- Leonard

No it's not some funky rock group or crazy name.
- USA Today

- D.R.

The Phrenicea website is a preview of the future that has been well thought out by the creators. While the concepts might seem farfetched to some now, they are merely a reflection of the extreme speed in which society has changed in only the last few years.
- Roz

Phrenicea's content is quite alarming. I will continue to visit Phrenicea. It is a very nice site.
- Geoffrey

You might find Phrenicea to be an interesting fictionalized account of what might occur within the 21st century.
- Slippery Rock University

I finally checked out this website. Lucky for me you can reach it even if the spelling is remotely close. I am hooked!
- Patti

A brave and bizarre attempt to predict life in the middle of this century by looking at current trends.
- UK Plus

Great Find...
Interesting and well developed website. The content is quite alarming. I hope I am not alive to see it.
- Mike

This puts the Jetsons into orbit.
- Boston Chronicle

YOU ARE NUTS! But then you knew that before I typed this.
- K.L.

I really enjoy this site. It is so hard to get people thinking the future is more than a week from Tuesday. This site makes you think!
- Rich

What an absolute load of dystopian nonsense!
- J.J.P.

Magnificent! I will be "tuning in" from now on!
- Netfan

De makers van de website Phrenicae kijken koffiedik met een flink gevoel voor relativering. Het koffiedikkijken is hun vak, ze proberen te bedenken hoe de wereld er over enkele decennia uit zal zien, als je de ontwikkelingen in genetica en automatisering in aanmerking neemt. Dan zal een verbinding met internet wellicht niet via computers en electronica plaatsvinden maar kun je je hersens rechtstreeks inpluggen. Dat lijkt handig maar heeft ook zo zijn nadelen. Gelukkig wordt elders op de site vastgesteld dat toekomstvoorspellers het vaak mis hebben.
- PLANET Weekly

Interesting! Useless? Nostradamus predicted and has plenty of words for the printer's ink. Another one to pontificate from at parties...
- Linda

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