Unusual "2.0" Sightings In the Media...
Home The term "Web 2.0" is a popular expression referring to the second generation of the World Wide Web. The media has created a 2.0 craze by slapping the trendy suffix (implying next or new) onto just about anything...except Phrenicea!

Hard to Believe 2.0:

Foolin' Around 2.0!

Mmmmmmmmm 2.0!

Breadlines 2.0?

2.0 Times:

Capitalism 2.0:

Privacy 2.0:

China 2.0?:

Found in BusinessWeek, Wishful thinking 2.0:

This is silly 2.0:

Trying to leverage a fad 2.0:

Scientific American 2.0?

Here's one that's WORTH a giveaway:

Yet another from TIME magazine:

What comes after Book 2.0 ?

They're apparently on to us and getting harder to spot:

Here's Hardcover 2.0:

This is a bit silly:

This one almost got away!

"Entertainment" is version-ized in FAST COMPANY:

TIME does it yet again, adding a version number to "Eavesdropping":

Scientific American sensationalizes new therapy techniques:

Even dads are upgraded in TIME magazine:

From the Disney website:

"Devo, one of the most innovative bands of the '80s, teamed up with Devo 2.0, a group of five talented kids aged 10 to 13. Together they cover Devo hits in a whole new way.

The lowly cafeteria is upgraded in the October 2007 issue of Fast Company:

The October 1, 2007 issues of Business Week and U.S. News & World Report and TIME report their latest versions of 2.0s:

WIRED's website refers to the next wave of autos:

PBS Thirteen/WNET TV station labels the next generation:

The September 3, 2007 issue of Business Week magazine upgrades the former Disney chief:

The July 2007 issue of Bank Systems and Technology magazine advertises:

The June 4, 2007 issue of U.S. News & World Report magazine reports:

The May 21, 2007 issue of Time magazine reports:

"Whether Romney 2.0 is a real deal [that's Mitt vis-à-vis his late father, Michigan governor in the 1960s George W.] is precisely what everyone wants to know these days."

Hmm..., maybe 2.0 will eventually replace the suffix title Junior.

A monthly "how-to" feature becomes "How 2.0" in Popular Science:

"You too" can be reinvented according to Psychology Today:

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