"When the mind is thinking it is talking to itself."
Back What is the future of language?

Will there be only one global language? If so, which one?

Excellent questions! (Thanks Dwayne!)

Have you ever wondered why people of different tongues (speaking different languages) can communicate with the power of translation? For example:

Morembe, Fasapshi, Hallo, Irankaratte, U du tah ma, Bùschùr, Ezender, Yakshï ba?, Teanastëllën, Marhaba, Komið žið sæl, Salamun aleykum, Aksunai, Hola, Jojo-lapa (and many more) are all different ways of saying hello. (If you wanted to say hello to everybody in the world, you might have to learn up to 7,139 languages!)

Isn't it amazing that words in Spanish for example can be translated into words in German, or Chinese, or Hindi? We take this for granted, but it is really incredible. Here you have peoples whose cultures
No single human-contrived language will become dominant.
have evolved on different continents and poles that have developed languages that are different — but equivalent. This is more than a coincidence.

What does this tell us about our languages? It indicates that they are fundamentally noetic and based on symbolic and metaphorical thinking — common to all of us regardless of where we came from.

The language of the future will utilize these fundamental properties and bypass translation into words — and will be facilitated by Phrenicea. Thus there is no single human-contrived language that becomes dominant among the world's peoples.

Communication via Phrenicea is more fundamental than the mechanics of our man-made languages. Have you ever had an epiphany or sudden thought that seemed to bypass verbalization, yet you completely grasped its substance? Tacit, non-verbal thought today stays within our brains. With Phrenicea, tacit thought is the primary mechanism of communication for individuals engaging with Phrenicea as well as intra-communication within the Phrenicea braincomb.


So, to answer the question, What is the future of language? — there will be one global language, the language of the mind.

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