"We're not solitary knowers [...] We can get the benefits of the vicarious experience of billions of people over thousands of generations."
Daniel Dennett, Tufts University
Back Imagine being able to recall every moment in your life — down to a particular second! All of your life's experiences, from the most mundane to the most extraordinary, become part of the permanent record of Phrenicea. You literally are a living history. Upon death, your life becomes accessible to any and all that might be interested — for a price.


You spend your whole life learning. Have you ever lamented that all of your acquired knowledge and the valuable experiences that you lived or shared with others would be lost foreverRealityCheck! upon passing away?

So many lessons, the learned
Phrenicea's technology is based on biology, where the complexities of nature are copied on a grand scale.
wisdom, your unique perspective of the times? Incredibly, Phrenicea "records" each moment in its "braincomb" as you live it. It can be recalled by you or those you authorize in either first- or third-person, or in other words, from your own perspective or as a spectator.

After death, all of your memoriesRealityCheck!   become available — eidetically — to any and all willing to bid on them. Your brain joins the Phrenicea braincomb thereby increasing its processing capacity. No longer enclosed in a bony skull, it's protected within a preassigned hexagon-shaped chamber.

Although this scenario may seem far-fetched, so would convincing a person from the 1950s that they would have in a briefcase a computer many times more powerful than the room-sized behemoths of the day.

Phrenicea's technology is based on biology, where the complexities found in nature are copied on a grand scale.

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