"Most of the threats we face come from the progress we have made in science and technology."
Stephen Hawking, Physicist
Back There's no crime with Phrenicea. Artificial genes collectively called "brainerama" manipulate gene expression and produce hormonal parameters and biological switches — in simplistic terms — that could be set or reset by Phrenicea to control or monitor an individual's behavior and actions "officially" defined as antisocial, deleterious, criminal, etc.

All forms of behavior and thinking were pigeonholed into just two categories: "right" and "wrong." This compilation of binaries became known as the "Black and White Dictum,"
Technology would empower the individual with the potential to destroy on a scale formerly limited to superpower nations.
and was the root of Phrenicea's judgmental construct.

Initially, there was a small concern that George Orwell's Big Brother had finally arrived. But the reality was that Phrenicea's controlling nature was welcomed with open arms (and minds!).

Early in the 21st century, it became evident that technology would empower the individual with the potential to change or destroy on a scale formerly limited to mighty superpower nations. Distributed knowledge and capability threatened the very existence of civilization and humankind. It was déjà vu for those who could remember the Cold War fears of worldwide obliteration. Only this time the source of fear could be counted in the billions, and not on one hand.

A few sci-fi fanatics among the early proponents of Phrenicea, members of the aging population of baby-boomers hoping to preserve their memories forever within the Phrenicea braincomb, melodramatically recalled the epilogue by the "Control Voice" from an early TV episode of The Outer Limits way back in 1963:

"May we not still hope to discover a method by which within one generation the whole human race could be rendered intelligent, beyond hatred or revenge, or the desire for power? Is that not — after all — the ultimate goal of evolution?"

The boomers' last gasp of activism fueled further worldwide concerns about safety and security to finally — after many decades after that "Golden Age of TV" — discover a method to preponderate the whole human race.

"Implemented" just in time, Phrenicea was given the ability to simultaneously monitor every person's thinking and behavior constantly.
All forms of behavior and thinking were pigeonholed into just two categories: "right" and "wrong."
That is not to say that freethinking was abolished. Those generally recognized as "law-abiding and normal," whose moral or intellectual beliefs precluded what is considered anti-social or criminal, had little to be concerned about. Phrenicea could on occasion intervene to bolster behavioral weaknesses to prevent one from actually acting out thoughts deemed unacceptable or dangerous to oneself or society.

On the other hand, individuals not irenically inclined — with mostly violent or destructive thoughts — were subjected to constant behavioral manipulation for the sake of everyone's safety.

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So, to paraphrase the The Outer Limits' Control Voice in the here and now:

"Is Phrenicea not — after all — the ultimate goal of evolution?"

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