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No more! There will not be a need for text-based communication. Keyboards are extinct! Phrenicea provides the ability to communicate by mere thought,

and these interactions are stored forever as documentation.

In fact, all human activities, both solitary and communal, are permanently recorded and stored by Phrenicea. There is no such thing as "off the record!" Of course this sounds
A person's biography is drafted real-time, as he or she is living it.
preposterous from a 2022 perspective. But the technology can and does enable this unbelievable capability. A person's biography is thus drafted real-time, as he or she is living it.

As a result, any date or time from the past can be immediately accessed to relive a moment or to satisfy an inquiry. Upon death, the entire biography, or "lifebo," becomes available for universal access by anyone, from a third-person perspective only — to prevent the temptation to live another's life! Exceptions can be made for first-person access only if warranted.


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