"We haven't the money, so we've got to think."
Lord Ernest Rutherford, 1908 Nobel laureate in chemistry
Back There isn't any money with Phrenicea. Financial transactions are accomplished via the engagement of Phrenicea, and are recorded forever on a man-made 24th-chromosome* pair, colloquially referred to as "brainerama." The world's coin, currency as well as electronic funds are replaced with what's commonly called "soma-cash" or "tissue-issue."

Almost everyone's financial assets and liabilities became part of his physical body RealityCheck! — accessible to Phrenicea via
Almost everyone's financial assets and liabilities became part of his physical body.
engagement to effect transactions** for the transfer "DiNAs," the DNA-based unit of wealth.

Self worth became more than a subjective appraisal! And of course there were humorous references to what was, in effect, a new interpretation of chattel, such as "heart of gold," "tender loin," and "your ass-ets"!

So how does one now acquire wealth and a positive sense of self-worth?

With Phrenicea, rank or position is based on biology — not commercial capitalism, the accumulation of material things or subjective criteria.

The value of a person's brain — its potential utility to Phrenicea — determines his/her status. This value is assayed daily by Phrenicea, so in the event of sudden death it (the brain) can be quickly donated (more like claimed!) and integrated effectively into one of Phrenicea's braincomb chambers. The daily remuneration process — based on future brain utility — is by way of DiNAs applied to brainerama.

At the top of this new social order are natural philomaths (lovers of learning). They are the fortunate ones, and a rare breed indeed! By exercising their brains — proactively engaging and interfacing with Phrenicea — they take in factual knowledge that Phrenicea so easily provides and use it to solve intellectual conundrums, reason, or for the creation of new ideas. These are the cerebral capabilities that one day will provide value to Phrenicea;
With Phrenicea, wealth is based on biology, not the accumulation of material things.
the functions that no computer was ever made to perform successfully.

On par with the philomaths are those contracted to be genetic progenitors or GPs. Blessed with valuable inherited genomes (in terms of physical features, disease resistance, or whatever subjective criterion a g-twin initiator finds valuable enough to shell out their hard-earned soma-cash for) they are highly compensated to clone themselves.

Finally, the somewhat rebellious would-be philomaths that equate sedentary study with sloth — those also "good with their hands" for manual dexterous work — are in tremendous demand. They are chiropractors and the highly respected working class that maintains the world's physical infrastructure. In full circle, "alternative modalities" and "blue collar" now command considerable respect — and tissue-issue!.

How big is your brainerama?

* Will midcentury historians determine that Phrenicea
founder John Herman inadvertently instigated a
self-fulfilling prophecy, way back in 2008, with a
tongue-in-cheek letter published in TIME magazine
suggesting that J. Craig Venter create the 24th
chromosome to house non-biological data?

** Phrenicea takes care of nonrepudiation (the ability to
demonstrate that information exchange or a financial
transaction took place), authentication (ensuring the
parties of the transaction are authentic), and security

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