"I can't wait until it [the election] is over."
Scott Rasmussen, pollster and founder of Rasmussen Reports
Back Democrat or Republican ?

The interminable, down and dirty, mind-numbing campaigning by both major parties for the 2020 U.S. presidential election offered a great opportunity to discuss the mid-21st-century capabilities of Phrenicea.

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With Phrenicea every eligible voter has complete access to the entire unbiased history of each candidate — objective factual and biographical information resident within the Phrenicea braincomb —
Rhetoric can only be persuasive with the ill informed.
to decide which candidate is the best choice.

Phrenicea ensures that no voter is uninformed! And a vote based even partly on subjective criteria is summarily rejected.

When ready to have their decision tallied, voters merely engage Phrenicea to mentally cast their "ballot." That's all there is to it. With Phrenicea there are no mechanical or electronic devices for casting or recording votes. Voter identity and confidentiality are guaranteed as is the number of votes they can submit — just one!

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Because Phrenicea continually monitors every individual's behavior, thought process and physical whereabouts on the planet, it can easily be the recipient of voting preferences.

Phrenicea associates the thought transmission of a person with their unique DNA "fingerprint" on its database. A person's genome (particularly their "snips"RealityCheck! or SNPs) is also a component of their transmission between Phrenicea, ensuring security and protection from unauthorized engagements.

Incredible too, from the perspective of today, is that every Phrenicea session is permanently recorded and can be recalled by the engager.
Every voter will have access to the entire unbiased history of each candidate.
Phrenicea can also be the "engager." The engage sensation, when a transmission is received, can only be described as similar to a spontaneous thought popping into the mind.

Confirmation of a transmitted vote is received in this manner!

To sustain a typical Phrenicea session, a certain mental discipline has to be learned to avoid being overwhelmed with sensory input or linking incoherently to disjointed information. When Phrenicea was first put into use, many people could not adapt to it. And many were not allowed to! For the children growing up with it from infancy however, itís second nature.

So how would you learn about your candidate? Here's a generic explanation as described in the original Phrenicea charter drafted in 2014:

Conscious thought is enough to engage a link-up and begin a session with Phrenicea. For example, to compute the sum of a string of numbers or obtain the date and time, the associated thought triggers a session, if only for a fleeting moment. The information is returned instantaneously as if it was conjured up knowledge of the mind. Answers to any academic question can be provided similarly. For topics involving subjective thought or interpretation, Phrenicea provides multiple sources of information allowing the engager to analyze, evaluate and form an opinion — often with epiphanic delight.

Now you can ponder whether you will miss the election-season spectacle of verbal fisticuffs, since rhetoric can only be persuasive with the ill informed.

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Did you know? Psephology — pronounced  see-FAH-luh-jee  — is the scientific study of elections!

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