"Clean your plate; there's children starving in China!"
"Momism" by an anonymous parent
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Doesn't this look delicious? Actually it tastes a lot better than it looks. This is Polynutriment, the food of the future. (Because large mega-farms become extinct by 2040, and industrial farming of animals yielding edible meat has been banned due to the massive polluting effects of fecal waste, "real" or "fresh" food is beyond the reach of all but the very well-to-do.)

Despite its unappealing appearance and texture, it can simulate:

  • A seven course steak dinner
  • Mariscada Ajillo
  • Sauerbraten with potato pancakes
  • con Ravioli Emiliana
  • Fish Dopeeaja
  • Osso Buco
  • Ghosht do piaza
  • any other culinary delight
Choose one — or switch intermittently until satiated. It's possible by engaging Phrenicea. In fact that's the only way it can be consumed without gagging. With Phrenicea, Polynutriment can appear and taste like any desired food.

Just imagine having ice cream at every meal! Parents, freed from worrying about whether
Polynutriment's ingredients are derived from an unlimited supply of insects, plankton and krill!
their children are eating properly, no longer have to recite that tired "momism" about children starving in other parts of the world. Even in China, they're consuming Polynutriment! (Kung pao Shrimps anyone?)

Everyone's palate will be accommodated and their plates will surely be clean — while incredibly getting proper Polynutriment-provided nutrition tailored to unique genetic requirements, regardless of an oftentimes perceived disregard for healthy eating. Science finally gained an intrinsic knowledge of what is required by the human body for optimum health, beyond what was attained through empirical studies. By deciphering all of the human biological chemical processes it became possible to tailor a single product to fuel them.

Polynutriment is amazingly easy to manufacture, inexpensive and non-perishable — making
Early adopters of Phrenicea show their status by extracting and displaying their teeth upon their necks!
it feasible to provide it free to all worldwide. The major ingredients are garnered from far down a shrinking food chain — derived from a virtually unlimited supply of insects, plankton and krill!RealityCheck!

Remarkably, Polynutriment is widely accepted with open mouths. Unexpected too — because teeth become vestigial with a Polynutriment diet — many fanatical early adopters of Phrenicea show off their lofty status (colloquially referred to as "vestige prestige") by extracting, stringing and displaying their teeth upon their necks!

Edentulous — and proud of it!

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