"School's out forever!"
Alice Cooper
Back Acquiring knowledge is hard work.

Imagine never having to memorize or study anything ever again!

With Phrenicea every recorded fact is instantly available upon demand via engagement with Phrenicea. You will know the answer just as you think the question. There'll be no need to learn tedious minutiae. Your brain will be a portal to Phrenicea's storehouse of information.

Imagine not ever having to learn names, places, dates, events, figures, formulas, etc. Any query, no matter how obscure, would be immediately answered with information potentially dating back to the beginning of recorded history — assuming there's a brain in Phrenicea's braincomb containing that bit of knowledge.

Imagine instant access to erudition (and experiences) going as far back as the oldest brain in the Phrenicea braincomb. All learned information from generations' past is yours to retrieve by an inquiring thought.

And perhaps most important of all, imagine "knowing" every Jeopardy game show question ever asked!


We modern humans are generally lazy creatures by nature, and most times try to get by with minimal effort or exertion. How many would be 24/7 couch potatoes if they did not have to get up?

By mid century with Phrenicea, they won't have to. Content to live in cubicles, the masses will become mere portals to Phrenicea's vast data inventory — by choice! Individuals when hooked into the Phrenicea braincomb become — hooked!

And you'll never have to fear stupid questions again! The old computer adage, "garbage in, garbage out" with Phrenicea is altered to: garbage in, knowledge out. Even lame questions are made smart with the return of substantive data. (Whether the recipient is willing or able to make anything of it is another matter.)

So, here's a demo of the Phrenicea portal:

    When did James Watson and Francis Crick announce their discovery of the structure of DNA?
    February 28, 1953

See how easy it is!

You might have already known the answer. If you did then how do you know it? Did you learn (memorize?) it in school?
Individuals when hooked into Phrenicea become — hooked!
Did you read about it as news? (Keep that to yourself!) See it on TV? Or did you just look it up?

It's quite possible you didn't know the answer. That's ok! How many times have you been told, "as long as you know how to find the answer"? That's great unless you're taking a closed-book test!

So... how would you go about finding the answer?

In the "old days" you might head for the local library and make a beeline to the encyclopedia section — a protracted and laborious process.

Nowadays you'd probably use your favorite search engine, typing "james watson and francis crick discover dna"...

The Lockhorns
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In the future — with Phrenicea — you'll just have to "think" it!

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